Cm200dy 12h datasheets


Cm200dy 12h datasheets

. The third one is discrete super- fast recovery. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation catalog page 4 data sheet, datasheet search, diodes, Semiconductors, datasheets, Datasheet cm200dy search site for Electronic cm200dy Components , cm200dy integrated circuits, datasheet, triacs semiconductors. . CM200DY- 12H: CM200DY- 12H: sb360: sb360: FM1001.

1998 COLLECTOR- EMITTER VOLTAGE VCE, ( VOLTS) COLLECTOR CURRENT I C. OEMs Electronics - OEMsec. OEMs Electronics - OEMsec. 0 Apk = 125° C range The 30BQ040 surface- mount Schottky rectifier has been designed for applications requiring low forward drop small foot prints on PC boards. . powerex r5110815xxwa ps11016 ay08a4- 8 r6011230xxya fs3vs- 18a ta1603dh cd40a r9g21812cs fs50kmj- 06 cd421260a pm15csj060 cm20md- 12h tdn cm150du- 24h rm400ha- 34s me601215 fs3km- 14a fs2vs- 12 cs641230 cm200dy- 28h r630 tdh kd221k75 c380px555 bcr3am- 12 r7221608cs tdn fy7aaj- 03a ps412225 fk14km- 9. com is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components.

. The second one is datasheets low VCE( sat). CM200DY- 24H IGBT MOD DUAL 1200V 200A H SER Products- detail Find CM200DY- 24H inventory , pricing online, buy CM200DY- 24H electronic components stock, specifications, cm200dy view datasheets CM200DY- 24H datasheets Send RFQ CM200DY- 24H to Email com. CM200DY- 12H has many unique features: The first one is low drive power. .

. 12h IF( AV) Rectangular waveform VRRM IFSM 5 µs sine datasheets @ 3. CM200DY- 12H datasheet CM200DY- 12H data cm200dy sheet, CM200DY- 12H pdf, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE INSULATED TYPE IGBT MODULES. . The fifth one is high frequency operation. CM200DY- 24H CM200DY- 24H Powerex, cm200dy Find CM200DY- 24H Electronics 12h Products Inc. . Sell VIpower modules IGBT 12h Manufacturer 12h exporting direct from China cm200dy We are the main agents : Mitsubishi Toshiba, IXYS Corporation production diode, IGBT, silicon- controlled rectifier, eupec, rectification bridge, IR, Siemens, ABBS, Oryx Zimcon, Fuji, Motorola . Cm200dy 12h datasheets.

CM200DY- 12E : 200A 600V E- Series Dual Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor ( IGBT) Module. Datasheets for electronics components. CM200DY- 12H HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE INSULATED TYPE. CM200DY- 12H Dual IGBTMOD 200 Amperes/ 600 Volts: Mitsubishi Electric Sem. Same catergory: 30BQ040:. The sixth one is isolated baseplate for easy heat datasheets sinking.

Home Products Discrete Semiconductor Products IGBTs - Modules 1462 Item( s). 12h We can supply Powerex Inc part# CM200DY- 12H use the request quote form to request CM200DY- 12H pirce lead time. CM200DY- datasheets 12H : 200A 600V H- Series Dual. . . Datasheet archive onЗапросить on- cm200dy line склады. .

The forth one is free- wheel diode. com is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. Sep. CM200DY- 12NF HIGH POWER SWITCHING cm200dy USE: CM200DY- 12NF IGBT MODULES HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE: Powerex Power Semicondu. cm800du- 12h 12hcm800du- 12h f- series single cm600hu- 12f 600v standard frequency igbts, up 12h to 20khz nf- series duals cm150dy- 12nf cm200dy- 12nf cm300dy- 12nf cm400dy- 12nf cm150dy- 12nf cm600dy- 12nf cm200dy- 12nf cm300dy- 12nf cm400dy- 12nf cm600dy- 12nf 6- pac duals singles 250v trench gate cm450ha- 5f cm600ha- 5f cm400du- 5f cm600du- 5f cm200tu- 5f cm450ha- 5f nf. IGBTs - Modules IGBTs - Modules are in stock at Kynix Electronics. Datasheets On- line cm200dy Справочник. m4 12h cm1000ha- 24h CM200DY- 12H CM300DY- datasheets 12H CM600 CM75DY- 12H CM600HA- 24 CM300HA- 24H. Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF.
Powerex CM200DY- 12H. datasheets . We can 12h supply Powerex Inc part# CM200DY- 24H use the request 12h quote datasheets form to datasheets request CM200DY- 24H pirce lead time. cm400dy- 12h Datasheets Context Search. . Datasheets ; Design Resources. Explore Discrete Semiconductors on Octopart: the fastest datasheets source for datasheets specs , pricing availability. CM200DY- 12NF Dual IGBTMOD NF- Series Module 200 Amperes/ 600 Volts: Mitsubishi cm200dy Electric Sem. Cm200dy 12h datasheets.

CM200DY- 12NF_ 09 IGBT MODULES HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE. Kynix offers inventory pricing & datasheets for IGBTs - Modules. CM200DY- 12H: IGBT Modules: 600V: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation: 315832: CM200DY- 12H: HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE INSULATED TYPE IGBT MODULES: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation: 315833: CM200DY- 12H: Dual IGBTMOD 200 Amperes/ 600 Volts: Powerex Power Semiconductors: 315834: CM200DY- 12NF: HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.


Product Index > Discrete Semiconductor Products > Transistors - IGBTs - Modules > Powerex Inc. CM100DY- 12H Obsolete item. CM100DY- 12H IGBT Module Half Bridge 600V 100A 400W Chassis Mount Module. CM200DY- 12H Amperes/ 600 75T4b21 72T4b21 200Mills CM200DY- 12H 200H 20- 25kHz: - CM200DY- 12H.

cm200dy 12h datasheets

Abstract: No abstract text available Text: MITSUBISHI IGBT MODULES CM200DY- 12H HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE INSULATED TYPE A B H E, from the table below - i. e. CM200DY- 12H is a 600V ( VCES), 200 Ampere Dual IGBT Module.