6l6wxt sovtek datasheets

Datasheets sovtek

6l6wxt sovtek datasheets

I actually have some Sovtek 5881 datasheets, but they don' t mention maximum voltage for some reason. I' ll run 6l6wxt them for a bit and see how it works out. They have been rebranded by various companies EITHER to: A) Maker it easier to know it' s the proper tube for a specific amp. I tried with 2 Marshall 5881 and 2 sovtek 5881( 6p3s- e). The ones with a wafer base are indeed labeled 5881/ 6V6 the ones with the regular thick base are 5881WXT 6L6WXT+. Laisse- le réécrire la physique Kleuck. WXT just refers to the base. É baseada nas famosas RCA datasheets “ black plate” possui reforços mecânicos na montagem suporta mais que 500 VDC de tensão + sovtek B e é capaz de dissipar mais de 30 Watts. Awesome sovtek Service & Prices Most Popular & Trusted Brands Express Shipping Value Bundles TUBE SETS POWER TUBES PREAMP TUBES RECTIFIERS KITS VALUE BUYS! 48 Price is sovtek for a single tube. The Sovtek 5881WXT is one of the most widely used 6L6 variants available. Anitoli wrote: Tried an experiment put two of the Sovtek 5881' s in datasheets the amp combined with the two left over Sovtek 6L6WXT' s and this combo sounds ok. Toto datasheets pour quelqu' un qui prétend avoir un master en électronique tu sembles bien incompétant dans le domaine des tubes. Electronic Components. sovtek Onze website maakt gebruik van cookies van ons en derden om uw ervaring te personaliseren en u producten en advertenties te tonen die voor u mogelijk interessant zijn. De plus il a un datasheets technicien qui sovtek a la science infuse et en sovtek qui on peut tous faire une confiance aveugle 6l6wxt il a forcément raison. SVETLANA EL34 POWER Tubes 6l6wxt ( Matched Pair or Matched Quad) - $ 70.

The 6L6' s run hot about 28 watts dissipation only the strong will survive. Or more cynically: B) Really just to extract more money from you. The KT66 tube type is a 25 Watt tube rated for plate voltage up to 500 volts. They are printed in datasheets black 6L6WXT SOVTEK MADE IN RUSSIA 01 02 OTK 2 in red with 6l6wxt Sovtek logo SOVTEK MADE IN RUSSIA 6L6WXT POWER TETRODE. I picked an operating point that seems to work with 6L6' s EL34' s, 6550' s KT88' s. Sovtek 5881WXT Power sovtek Vacuum Tube $ 17. Tung sol 5881' s in datasheets fixed bias vibroverb?

Svetlana EL34 Power TubesMatched Pair - Matched Quad The Svetlana EL34 Power Tube is the perfect tube for classic sovtek sovtek rock. Coloquei 2 6L6wxt( eletro Harmonix) junto com as KT88 no power, ficando as 6l6 nas pontas e as kt88 no meio. Remember the 5881 WXT 6l6wxt sovtek 5881/ 6L6 WGC is a different tube than the 6L6WXT, 6L6WXT+ datasheets sovtek & Electro Harmonix 6L6GC ( which are all the same as each other). 6l6wxt Fuse 67 Circuit- Breakers 71 FuseHolders 71 Fuses 67 GPRelays 72. 6l6wxt was biased for sovtek 6l6wxt+ they sounded great before the amp started blowing fuses the 5881' s bought the farm. The EH 6L6GC Sovtek 6L6WXT work well here sound the best of all the 6L6 types that I tried. Si je regarde quelques 6l6wxt datasheets datasheets, je peux constater différents résultats:. Quando comprei ele ele veio somente com 2 ktda Sovtek no power estando com os espaços para as outras válvulas vazias. The Electro Harmonix 6V6 and 6L6 can withstand higher voltages than the old Soviet tubes.

Capacitors 36 ACMotorStart 40 Cerafine 37 datasheets Ceramic 36 ElectrolyticAxial 41 ElectrolyticAxialNon- Polarised 41 ElectrolyticBackup 45 ElectrolyticRadial 41 ElectrolyticRadialMiniature datasheets 41 ElectrolyticRadialNon- Polarised 41 ElectrolyticSMD 44 Polyester 6l6wxt 39 Polypropylene datasheets 37 SilverMica 37 Tantalum 38 Variable 36. 6l6wxt sovtek datasheets. 6l6wxt sovtek datasheets. The Sovtek 5751 preamp tube is a 6l6wxt dual triode tube. 2sb156 2sb324 2sb435 2sb507e 2sb525 2sb536 2sb537 2sb544 2sb546a 2sb548 2sb549. These 8 pin octal based glass output tubes come with top getters gray plates thick mica internal supports. Check datasheets sovtek out the Amp Tubes website 6l6wxt for 6l6wxt sovtek datasheets and a wide range of other Vacuum Tubes.

6l6wxt Was looking earlier today on datasheets the internet for a datasheet for the Groove Tubes GT- 6L6- R sovtek to see if there were any specification differences between the - R and other 6L6' s. electronic components 2sa1908 2sa1930 2sa1939 2sa1940 2sa1941 2sa1943 2sa1962 2sa1986 2sa1987 2sa2121- o. 30 Watt tubes such as 6L6GC 6L6WXT+, 6L6WGC are rated for plate voltage up to 500 volts. 6l6wxt+ Linha industrial de 6L6GC da Sovtek. Boxes are standard Sovtek red 6l6wxt white blue marked 6L6WXT.

Sovtek datasheets

Vacuum Tubes for Amps YA tube page. information, datasheets. You could also take a. Sovtek 6CA7 problems: Sovtek 6L6WXT+ Sovtek Midget:. 3 trous rond sur la plaque, et base courte appelée coin base, la même que la sovtek 5881/ 6L6WXT abusivement appelée. Hélas, francis, dans ton livre tubes anciens et récents, cette 7591A n existe pas.

6l6wxt sovtek datasheets

from left to right: Sylvania 6L6GC, Rusky 6P3S, Rusky 6P3S- e and the Mesa branded Sovtek 5881/ 6L6 STR- 425. the Russian 6P3S plates look very similar to Sylvania 6L6 and my other American 6L6s' and not. Sovtek" is only an American brand name owned by New Sensor.